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The Boston Terrier or Miniature Pinscher as a Pet For a Small Apartment 

If you are in a situation of living in a small apartment and are busy, you know that getting a big dog may not be the best idea for either him or you. You may want a labrador or a pitbull but those require a large amount of time, a yard and a lot of walking. You are not forced to be dog less however and there are really fun small breeds that you can enjoy having as a pet. All dogs have a unique personality all of their own and small dogs can be a lot of fun. There is also the benefit that on average, small dogs outlive their larger counterparts by a few years, so you can spend more time with your friend.

Boston Terrier

This fun and feisty dog is adorable. Incredibly intelligent and weighing from 10-25 pounds, he makes the perfect pet for your small space. They were originally bred over a century ago to be fighting dogs but turned out to be much too affectionate! They are even nicknamed “The American Gentleman” for their tuxedo like fur and wonderful temperament. They have the face and appearance of some of the larger dogs breeds, but in a smaller form so they make a great “man’s small dog.” They are also incredibly dog and kid friendly. They do need a higher amount of exercise than some smaller breeds however, so keep that in mind when you pick out your pet. They are known to have a higher level of sensitivity so are best if you live a more quiet lifestyle without a lot of loud music and noise. They are incredibly easy to groom with very little shedding as a short haired breed.

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher or “Min Pin” as they are more commonly called is a friendly, loveable, cuddly and tiny companion. They are usually thought to be smaller Dobermans but are actually originally from Germany and an older breed than the Doberman. They were bred to get rid of rats and other vermin in horse stables and homes. The “Min Pin” gets cold easily and requires a sweater if taken outside in weather that is chilly. They have a confident attitude, love to snuggle you under blankets and are known as “The King of Toys” for their very classy appearance. They tend to put on weight easily however, so don't let your friend get too many snacks. They can tend to assume the “Alpha” role in the apartment if you let them so make sure to set and stick with boundaries with a Min Pin. They are also a curious creature and love to hunt the small animals as that is what they were bred for. They need a constant eye on them when outside, as they have a wanderlust tendency. Pick up any garbage cans lying around and any medications can not be left on the floor. They are hardy but can be easily injured if mishandled so they are good with older children who understand how to handle a pet. They don't shed much and are great for an apartment.

Either Dog is Great For an Apartment

Both types of dogs are great if you are single or in relationship in a small apartment. They both require daily walking and letting out, so if you get one make sure to have someone to help you out if you work a lot or they will use the house as a restroom. Both breeds are easily pad trained however if at times it is not an option.

Doggy Daycare Option

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