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May Flea Infestations In Binghamton, NY 

Updated: May 9

With May showers brings flea collar’s. You need to be prepared for the summer for your furry friend to come to doggy day care Endicott New York. We understand this At Bark City Doggy Daycare , in Johnson City, Ny. You don’t have to worry about your dog getting fleas here as everybody is on top of it and we discuss it with clients how they handle their flea and tick issues before it comes into the daycare. We do a full assessment of your dog and health well-being and temperament tests and making sure they have a properly management plan is something that we handle. We aim to give the best care possible to our clients beloved fur-babes. What is the top Flea medicine for a dog?

Flea Bites

This will come to your mind when you see flea bites on your furry friend. They are unfortunately part of the food chain, and combatting them requires effort. A dog is more apt to get a flea problem then a cat. They shed and ticks jump on dogs now that it is May

Flea Solutions can be hard to come by and even more difficult to control once an infestation occurs.


You can always go the seresto route, a grey collar with reflective clips to see them in the dark.
Frontline has a flea and tick pill plus other optional ways to injest the anti tick and flea medicine into your dog's, body.

At Bark City Doggy Daycare, we are more likely to notice an infestation when it starts. Our lights are intentionally set to clearly see animals at all times and notice small problems before they get bigger. No, were not medical techs, just acutely aware of every dog we take care of. We develop an attachment as well, and want to give optimal care to your pet.

More Flea Products 1-800 pet meds 4 https://www.chewy.com/b/flea-tick-381 https://www.petsmart.com/dog/flea-and-tick/



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