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Different Types of Yorkies and Yorkie Adoption

If you are looking for an amazing little dog and are looking to get a shed free, allergen free furry friend, consider, the Party Yorkie. He or she is an incredible creature. They are fun, playful, jealous, territorial but lovable like a traditional Yorkie. They are technically a regular Yorkshire Terrier. What makes them unique from the known Yorkshire Terriers is the Party Yorkie, has predominantly recessed genes that come through in the conception and growing process that make them different colors and almost albino like eye features, which is why they garner approximately $1000 a dog. This is a type or dog who would fit in excellent at a doggy daycare Binghamton, as they are social, they are also small so in a Johnson city dog daycare, they would fit in great with a group of larger dogs and with their dominant personalites, they do not get bullied and fit in well in dog groups in Broome County area.

The Silky Yorkie

A Silky Yorkie is also very fun Yorkie to own. They are known for their shiny coats and their beautiful blonde and tones of light auburn fur. They are also allergen free, but you do have to find a dog groomer Binghamton if you are going to own one. A perfect place to get them groomer and utilize doggy day care is called Bark City Doggy Daycare Johnson City Ny. It is newly owned by an extremely experienced business owner who is reinvigorating the downtown's Johnson City business district making it easy to access at 19 Avenue D off of Main Street. It is also close to the Binghamton and Johnson City arch, making it perfect for residents of both cities. You can expect to have to get your silky Yorkie groomed about every four to six weeks, as Silky Yorkies can get pretty greasy. Their fur tends to needs to be washed pretty frequently, but the plus side is there is no shedding at all with this breed or any Yorkie breed.

Save a Yorkie

Before you buy either Yorkie, try to be a responsible pet parent by seeing if you can adopt a yorkie in your area. This article will give you a few places you can look to re-home a desperate Yorkie in need. Check out these websites for more resources and information on the breed as well as opportunities to volunteer, foster and adopt a Yorkie. All Yorkies need a safe and good home. They are easily adaptable pets so make great rehoming dogs. Some places even waive adoption fees if you choose a senior yorkie. This would be a Yorkie that is age ten and up. They live longer then many breeds and you may have your senior friend for quite a few years. Senior Yorkies need fostering and adopting. All links below, I have been looked at closely at their websites to make sure they are rescue organizations. Please check them out. And don't forget to visit Bark City Doggy Daycare and Grooming Binghamton,NY.

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