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Are you wondering Who that Beautiful White Dog is at Bark City Doggy Daycare in Johnson City?

Updated: May 26, 2020

If you have seen the rest of my site, you know that I am a dog lover. I am especially an avid fan of the Great Pyrenees breed of dog. I have owned two and am very educated on the breed. I am also an owner of a farm. I own chickens, horses and goats. I wanted a dog that would enjoy this type of lifestyle as well as enjoy being my companion. This is when I began researching what kind of dog would be perfect for my lifestyle. When I found the Great Pyrenees breed, it was love at first site. They are great companion animals as well as a great working dog on a farm. They also are quite nocturnal and watch most of the night for any possible intrusions on your property. They are keen and alert all of the time. They do not sleep much and when they do, they tend to love the winter and laying outside. This is partially because they have two coats of extremely white fur and some of them have a few various markings of the tan variety. The Broome County are of Upstate NY is a great place to have a Great Pyrenees because of the four seasons. They absolutely love to roll in the snow and play. They do not get cold easily and are naturally bred to be on guard at all times. I find myself wondering how is this dog never tired?

Big Dog with a Big Heart

At Bark City Doggy Daycare Binghamton, we want to educate you about different breeds of dogs you may not know as well as show you places where you can rescue these breeds. They may look intimidating because of their size. This is my beloved great Pyrenees Duncan. Don’t worry however, he is a gentle giant, as the great Pyrenees is a guard dog that is dated back to 10,000 BC as a protection animal that watched over herds of sheep. An amazing fact about them is that they can actually challenge a bear that comes on your property due to their massive size. They are incredibly curious dogs and require a great deal of direction. They are extremely intelligent, but very stubborn. Training early on is recommended, as they grow quick and teaching them not to jump on people even when they are just giving a big hug, can be off putting to some. They like to have a lot of variety of toys lying around and plenty of bones to chew on. ( have more bones than a dinosaur museum!)

Variations in the Breed

Up until the year 1874, there were two types of Great Pyrenees that were recognized. They called them the Western Pyrenees and the Eastern Pyrenees. There are also a few similar types of European giant guard dogs as well. There is the-

They are also closely related to to the well beloved Newfoundland breed and the St. Bernard. They don't tend to drool as much however as those two breeds. There is the Great Pyrenees Club of America. Duncan is very nocturnal and is only aggressive with any harm that may harm its flock of pet friends, farm animals and family. He is always on watch. Duncan is a gentle giant and is great with my other dog Winston a Shepard/lab mix and he can be trusted with tiny animals due to its natural protective nature. I am also the owner of two small kittens. I have a yellow and white striped male cat named Wesley, and a gorgeous long hair cat named Sylvia. He gets along amazingly well with them. I got them as very tiny kittens and Duncan has always been great to them, showing them attention love and care.

Giant Gentle

My beautiful Great Pyrenees Duncan, is also sometimes called a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. They are confident and nature and great with kids.If you are looking for a patient and loyal pet, the Great Pyrenees may be perfect for you. While they do bark a lot, it is all out of good intention and is not meant to annoy you, but only bark when they see something to make you aware of anything they deem necessary. They deeply care about your well-being and will protect you at all costs. They instinctively know who is a threat to your safety and only act in situations that require your assistance. The perfect and often referred to word "Guardian" is a perfect description of this animal. I call him my beautiful guardian angel.

Upkeep and Maintaining their Beautiful Coat

The Great Pyrenees loves to get dirty in the summertime and roll in the snow in the winter. While they do drool on occasion due to their need for a constant supply of water and dry food to munch on, they drool much less than similar breeds of this variety. To keep their coat shiny and healthy it is recommended to use good flea and tick prevention. Do not go the cheap route with this. A Seresto collar is what I personally use and it works incredibly well You can find some flea protection products here

They do require brushing once or twice weekly, but don't require to be bathed any more than any other breed. They do require a certain level of moderate exercise and leash training early, is a good idea. Trust me, you don't want to be pulled by a dog that can weigh on average 120-150 pounds. Taking them for walks early on in life, gets them use to walking without pulling. They are much more active in the winter than summer, as summers Duncan gets incredibly hot and tends to lay down more. This time of year is when they desire the most activity. At Bark City Doggy Daycare Johnson City, NY, we strive to give your pets the level of exercise that you request for your personalized pets needs. Dog walking services Binghamton, NY are part of our routine care.

Where to Adopt a Great Pyrenees and Learn More about Them

This article was meant to introduce you to my furry friend as they are not a common dog, and I understand that his size may appear intimidating. I also wanted to educate you on what to expect from this breed as well as show you valuable resources to learn more about them. Bark City Doggy Daycare Binghamton provides care for a variety of breeds and as a daycare owner, I try to keep up on continually educating myself as well as my valuable dog daycare attendants Johnson City on a variety of breeds of dogs. We will continue to teach you more about breeds that you wish to learn about. If you have any specific requests about a breed, leave a comment below and we will write a detailed blog about the breed you are interested in. Adopting a Great Pyrenees is always recommended over buying a puppy. Here are some places where you can continue to learn about this amazing dog and resources on where to get one of your very own!

I hope that you find my experience with the Great Pyrenees breed interesting and check out some of these reputable sources to find out more. If you would like to know anything more specifically about the breed, comment below and I will revise the article and add your input in.

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